Dust binder / clear varnish for concrete floors



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Quality product that functions as a dust binder and clear coat for concrete floors.

Easy daily cleaning and good as pre-treatment before painting with our floor paints.


  • 12 kg. set
  • Water based
  • Colorless - semi-gloss
  • 2-component impregnation product for treating concrete surfaces
  • Also for surfaces with high wear and tear
  • Can be used for both floors and walls
  • The surface is strengthened and cleaning is facilitated
  • Easy application - the two components are mixed and stirred - the product is applied with a paint roller
  • Consumption approx. 100 g/m2
  • Mixed quantity must be used within 90 minutes - lasts in unopened condition 4-6 years
  • For strongly absorbent surfaces, treat twice with a minimum of 16 hours apart
  • Withstands thorough cleaning and cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner up to 120 bar

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