Surface disinfection - 5 liters



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Disinfectant - ready to use

For disinfection of hard surfaces such as floors, walls, tables, machines, equipment
that comes in conjunction with food. The disinfectant is ready for use and
a neutral disinfectant based on biodegradable cationic
surfactants. The disinfectant is effective against most types of bacteria,
viruses and fungi.


  • Reduces bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Used on all hard surfaces
  • Approved for PT3 and PT4
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Not flammable

Approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Food and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration
NR: KK 5571-33 / 90.
PT 03 veterinary hygiene and PT 04 food.

Documented effect according to the following European standards:

✓EN 1276 - Bactericidal
✓EN 13727 - Bactericidal - 10 sec.

✓EN 14476 - Virus-killing - 60 sec.
✓EN 13697 - Fungicide

Apply with a mop or cloth. The surface should be wet for 1 minute and then dry.

Produced at a factory certified according to ISO 9001
quality management and ISO 14001 Environmental management.