Cooking and frying thermometer - WIFI with frying APP - Repeater ensures a long distance between the mobile phone - Oven, grill or pan.


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Become a "master chef" at roasting all types of meat. WIFI thermometer that measures and can control the roasting but you are doing something else - follow along on the mobile incl. when the frying is expected to be finished.


  • Choose between 1 or 2 pcs. thermometers in box
  • Bamboo box containing thermometers and a repeater
  • The repeater is located within 3 meters of the thermometer and it ensures a long range for the phone - even when the door is closed in the oven or the lid is on the grill
  • Free APP for both Android and Apple phones
  • The APP can control up to 6 different thermometers at a time
  • Repeater and thermometers are charged at the same time and the charging time is approx. 20 minutes
  • Can operate for several hours on one charge
  • With several thermometers, you can control the roasting of each individual steak/roast - so you can impress those who want a red steak and those who want it almost cooked through (without being dry)
  • Beautiful box and bamboo holder - suitable as a gift
  • Able to DOES NOT used in the microwave
  • Temperature accuracy within +/- 1 degree C
  • Resistant to water according to IP67
  • Range up to 50 meters